Health Is Important During Pregnancy And That Includes Oral Health

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Health Is Important During Pregnancy And That Includes Oral Health

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Health Is Important During Pregnancy And That Includes Oral Health - Gisborne, Macedon & Riddells Creek - Gisborne Dental House
Are you pregnant or are you thinking about that? Such good news! Now, the most important thing is your baby’s health and yours, of course, so it is invaluable for you to know that if you don’t take care of your oral health, it could affect your child’s development.

Evidence shows that receiving dental care during pregnancy can improve the health of both baby and mother by reducing the risk of gum disease and poor birth outcomes. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy including changes to your mouth. Making sure you are taking care of your oral health may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it is even more important when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy brings an array of ailments: Dreaded back pain, daily sickness, and constant fatigue, to name but a few. But did you know the effects pregnancy can have on your oral health?

Pregnancy Symptoms Can Cause Oral Health Problems

The human body experiences many changes during pregnancy. These changes are normal but can negatively impact oral health. For example, typical pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, cravings, and fatigue can all lead to oral health problems:

• Morning sickness: Vomiting can cause acid erosion on the teeth, ultimately eating away at enamel and putting you at risk of tooth sensitivity and decay.

• Cravings: Between 50-90% of pregnant individuals experience pregnancy cravings, with sweet, sugary foods being the most common category consumed. Increased sugar is likely to attack your enamel and cause oral health issues.

• Fatigue: Feelings of tiredness or overall lack of energy are common pregnancy symptoms. Keeping up with a consistent oral health routine at home may feel harder to accomplish during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Due to changing hormones, 60-75% of pregnant individuals develop pregnancy-related gingivitis. Treating gingivitis in its early, mild state is essential, as it can lead to severe gum disease down the road.

According to health experts, signs and symptoms of gingivitis include:

• Red and swollen gums
• General tenderness in the gums
• Bleeding of the gums
• Shiny gums
• Bad breath

Poor Oral Health Can Affect Babies

The overall health of the unborn baby is affected by the oral health of its mother. Neglecting oral health during pregnancy can lead to:

• Preterm labor: Excess bacteria and oral infections such as gum disease can lead to preterm birth or low birth weight for babies. Babies born before term can have serious medical issues both after birth and in the long term.

• Oral health problems for babies: Bacteria that cause cavities can spread from pregnant individuals to their babies before or after birth. It’s recommended to have oral health problems such as cavities treated during pregnancy as children whose parents have multiple untreated cavities are three times more likely to have cavities as a child.

Health Is Important During Pregnancy And That Includes Oral Health - Gisborne, Macedon & Riddells Creek - Gisborne Dental House

Tips For Better Oral Health Important During Pregnancy

  • Attend dental and oral hygiene checks: First of all, always remember the importance of this type of check, so you can verify if the routine you carry out every day, and the items you use to do it, are suitable for the care of your mouth, teeth, and gums, and to know if there is something that is causing you some discomfort, take advantage of the space and talk to the specialist so that you overcome and reduce the possible risks.

• Brushing and frequent flossing: Oral hygiene should be reinforced with these types of products when you are pregnant. You must do it at least three times a day. Use fluoride dental products like toothpaste, and if your dentist tells you to, use a fluoride mouthwash.

• Erosion of dental enamel: Vomiting or regurgitation during pregnancy can lead to erosion or wear of the dental enamel, it’s called perimylolysis or perimolysis. If this is your case, it is suggested to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to remove the residue.

• Improve your diet: Try to have a balanced diet rich in calcium. Avoid sugars and carbohydrates, they favor the process of dental caries. However, as we well know that during pregnancy the food portions eaten during the day are greater, if possible, brush your teeth after each one. Avoid excessive consumption of citric or acidic foods since these can increase the wear of the enamel of the teeth; that is, dental erosion occurs and you could have sensitivity.

• Periodically consult with the dentist: If during pregnancy you experience gingivitis, xerostomia, or granulomas of pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult with your dental doctor to give adequate and timely management of these oral diseases. But don’t worry, they all tend to disappear after pregnancy, but don’t ignore them.

Final Thought

Even though you are pregnant or not remember that all the food we eat leaves residues in the mouth. We must avoid bad breath and other oral diseases, with the continuous care of our bodies. We should take into account the necessary attention to our good dental health habits even more important during pregnancy.

Make sure to see your dentist while pregnant it is safe and important for both you and your baby so you can smile freely and have healthy dental hygiene.


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