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Poor Oral Hygiene Can Damage The Rest of the Body
Poor Oral Hygiene Can Damage The Rest of the Body

You have bacteria right now! Yes, at this very moment. We would like to think that we are clean and bacteria-free, if possible all day, everyday. But we have had bacteria since we were born. The mouth is host to billions of bacteria both beneficial and detrimental to oral health. Welcome to the oral microbiome! It is the collection of microorganisms residing in the oral cavity. Poor oral health upsets the balance of good and bad bacteria leading to an infection that can and will impact the rest of the body if left alone. .

The mouth is so versatile, we sing with it, eat, drink and express our thoughts by talking using our mouth. But it is often a neglected organ. Aside from the brushing and occasional rinsing with mouthwash, the mouth hardly gets the proper care it deserves. Until they experience tooth pain, people generally leave them alone. Tooth pain is an indication of considerable tooth decay, a result of caries that have settled and infected the gums and tooth in question.

What is not generally known is overlooking proper oral care can lead to serious medical conditions.

Do you know that not brushing your teeth can lead to inflammation and infection?

Over time, this inflammation will spread to the rest of the body. It may even cause critical cardiac issues. Proper brushing normalises C-reactive protein levels, a cardiac indicator giving traction to the connection between oral health and overall health.

Gum disease and infected teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene can develop to become heart and brain infections. That simple tooth pain can one day be the cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, difficult and risky pregnancies. More studies are popping up elucidating the importance of good oral hygiene and how it influences overall health.

Poor Oral Hygiene Can Damage The Rest of the Body

Periodontitis or gum disease is an offshoot of poor oral hygiene. It can also be an indicator of a future illness as the same bacteria may pass from the gum tissue to the bloodstream. Periodontitis needs to be treated to prevent conditions associated with it such as respiratory disease, heart problems, diabetes and other medical issues from potentially developing.

In this manner, dentists use teeth and the general state of oral health as a window to the general quality of life and the person’s life expectancy.

Oral health, more or less, is a good marker for social, economic and emotional standing which dentists can be privy to through dental visits.

A person who has 20 or more of their natural teeth at 65 is expected to live longer than one who has less. And eating with your own teeth brings more enjoyment than biting and chewing food with dentures.

A dental appointment does not just equate good oral hygiene but it can be the start of it. A good dentist will check for not just cavities, but bleeding gums, plaque, loose teeth and in doing so can stop diseases and chronic conditions from developing in its tracks.

Note: All content and media on the New Gisborne Dental House website and social media channels are created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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