Fixed Prosthodontics: What Are They & Why Are They Suddenly Famous?

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Fixed Prosthodontics: What Are They & Why Are They Suddenly Famous?

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  4. Fixed Prosthodontics: What Are They & Why Are They Suddenly Famous?
Fixed Prosthodontics What Are They & Why Are They Suddenly Famous? At Gisborne Dental House In New Gisborne
“Prosthodontics” is a big fancy word for fake teeth. They encapsulate more well known types of restorations like crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers. These replacement teeth are made in a dental laboratory according to the exact specifications of the patient’s mouth. But then what are “fixed prosthodontics” and why are they suddenly so famous? In the case of fixed fabrications these are permanent and are cemented in place for the duration. In terms of getting famous these underpin some celebrity dentistry in recent times for exponents like “Ye” – the rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, globally showcasing his new metallic grin.

Kanye West’s Titanium Grilled Fixed Prosthodontics

It’s of course not just American men who have had penchants for ‘pimp’ cars with MF big grills – but maybe Ye thought if it looks so good on my Cadillac, I’ll get my teeth done too. Pop stars are under pressure to appear special and this smile makeover takes bejewelled adornment to a whole new level. All the news’ posts focus on the big ticket cost of $850,000 to have this procedure done. Metallic fixed prosthodontics obviously don’t come cheap but that’s dentistry – as we all know. Harvesting punters for big money is one of the attractions of this vocation. Celebrity dentist Thomas Connelly is rightly proud of his experimental dentistry and looks forward to accommodating more celebrities, as he should – he may yet become more of a celebrity dentist than his celebrity patients.

The Father Of Diamond Dentistry

Already, they call Mr Connelly ‘the father of diamond dentistry’, although it’s conceivable his publicist made that moniker up. Kanye West’s fixed prosthodontics feature palladium and platinum – rare and expensive materials. Connelly told an interviewer:

“Ye was a pleasure to work with every step of the process. His vision for designing unique art transcends the dental progression.”

Fat bank balances for celebrity experimental dentists would not go astray either. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, having teeth wrapped in metallic cut-outs seems to be leaving many down-to-earth Australian observers cold. This dentist would probably not be on many people’s short list for any procedure any time soon, and not just because they can’t afford him. It takes all sorts, however, and if pop stars want to push the boundaries in the oral sphere, who are we to stand in their way?

Functionality vs Form: The Dental Dilemma

Dentists are in the midst of an identity crisis, well, many within the profession are. Are they cosmetic technicians or structural engineers? Is it all about surface appearances or deeper dealings with the bite and how it works? The rewards have poured in via white teeth bleaching treatments and so called ‘smile makeovers’. The dentist has become an essential cosmetician for everyone who is the star of their own endless Instagram and Tik Tok movies. The digital mirror is everywhere and getting your face to look good according to the cultural norms is de rigueur in the 21C. Dentists making money hand over fist are hoping that they can continue to be both without losing their integrity along the way.

Fixed Prosthodontics What Are They & Why Are They Suddenly Famous? In New Gisborne At Gisborne Dental House
Prosthodontics For The Stars, Lighting The Way Famously

Meanwhile, Kanye West and family are forging new metallically enhanced identities featured in the tabloid press with increasing regularity. Rappers with fixed prosthodontic smiles are holding the ever decreasing attention spans of media and public. Bejewelled teeth are the novel addition to a facial move once only reserved for meaningful contact. Superficiality drips from every camera angle and pose in a celebrity-driven world with no ground zero. Are 8 billion people really looking for exotica and stuff that does not remind themselves of their own more everyday existences? Flashy mouths are just the latest in a long line of pop star accessories designed to give the illusion of something beyond the ordinary. Who may have thought that the once humble dentist would ascend Mount Olympus to play Chiron to burgeoning Apollos? Kanye “Ye” West & Thomas Connelly the father of diamond dentistry, have brought fame to the name “fixed prosthodontics”.

“Kanye West, 46, has an extensive history with changing up with teeth, and last admitted to having his bottom teeth pulled out to be replaced with diamonds during a 2010 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
“I just thought that diamonds were cooler … It’s certain stuff that rock stars are supposed to do,” he told the former talk show host, adding that he often has to visit the dentist to maintain his bling.”
– Page Six

Understanding Fixed Prosthodontics

“The concept of using the root of a tooth for retention of a crown is not new.25 In the 1700s Fauchard inserted wooden dowels in canals of teeth to aid in crown retention.26 Over time the wood would expand in the moist environment to enhance retention of the dowel until, unfortunately, the root would often fracture vertically.25 Additional efforts to develop crowns retained with posts or dowels in the 1800s were limited by the failure of the “endodontic” therapy of the era. “
– Science Direct

It is important to understand that prosthodontics, although the current plaything of celebrity rappers, is a valuable contributor to modern dental care. Many of us will be advised by our local dentist to consider a crown or bridge, inlay or veneer. These fabricated structures make things look and feel like the best of times in oral cavity terms. This blend of aesthetics with functionality is not by nature outlandish like ‘Ye’. Most folk do not take things to extremes when dabbling in prosthodontics – fixed or otherwise. For most of us it is enough that our teeth and mouth look and work like they were intended to by mother nature. Affixing metal grills like some rendition of the ‘Jaws’ character out of that James Bond movie is not the kind of enhancement many of us aspire to – leaving aside the $850,000 bill.

Wonders Of Modern Dentistry

The cost of things like crowns and bridges are substantial in relative terms for ordinary citizens. However, one must factor in that these restorations are made to last for a long time and to withstand the daily grind and all that pressure. Exact measurements and impressions are taken of your oral requirements and these fabrications are made to fit – the ultimate in bespoke dentistry. Combine delicate procedures to place and cement these and you have some idea of what is involved in recreating teeth in partial and the supportive framework. In many ways, this may just be the crowning achievement of modern dentistry – so far. There are, however, many great advancements happening in dental care both technologically and biologically. We are, in my view, on the eve of a complete paradigm shift in what dentistry is capable of. Pop stars will come and go with their buzz of bling, but fixing teeth will always remain a more important thing.


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