What Is the Warranty of All On 4 Plus®?

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What Is the Warranty of All On 4 Plus®?

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Hi, I’m Dr Fong, the principal dentist here at Dental House Group.

This morning, I overheard a conversation of a new patient named Rita from Sunbury. She contacted us enquiring about All On 4 Plus® dental implants. She wanted to know if she was a candidate to get them and if so, what would the warranty be? I thought that was a great question and because of the unique qualities and popularity of these advanced dental implants, I should make a quick video about it.

What Is The Warranty Of All On 4 Plus® In Gisborne, Macedon & Riddells Creek - Gisborne Dental House

All On 4 Plus® dental implants generally have a warranty of five years. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. This stimulates a process called osseointegration, which means that your bone fuses with the post, and the post becomes a tooth root replacement. We use only titanium posts because it is one of the strongest materials and is compatible with human tissue.

Because of the high quality of the implant material and manufacturing, the implants themselves have a lifetime warranty in case there is a structural problem with the posts, which is extremely rare.

All On 4 Plus® also consists of the replacement teeth that are secured onto the posts. The row of teeth is much like a bridge or denture and is a permanent replacement. These generally last 15 to 20 years and even have the potential to last much longer, with proper care, of course. The warranty for the prosthesis is also five years.

With that being said, it is very rare for implants or their prosthetic teeth to fail due to structural issues. Unfortunately, the biggest factor that leads to failure with All On 4 Plus® or any dental implants is insufficient care and maintenance. Just like your natural teeth and the roots they are attached to; they can attract bacteria and accumulate plaque. When left untreated, the bacteria can spread and cause an infection that can weaken all of your teeth and lead to problems with your natural teeth and any implants in the area.

Just like gum disease spreads to your tooth roots, it can also spread to dental implants and cause something called peri-implant disease. And just like periodontitis, peri-implant disease can be treated in the early stages. But when untreated, it can lead to implant failure. Warranties will not cover this, but you can prevent this and make your dental implants last a long time by following some simple guidelines.

For the smokers, smoking may cause implant failure because it interferes with blood flow to the bone around the implant. Plus it’s another risk factor of gum disease.

If you grind your teeth or experience some sort of occlusal trauma, it can possibly cause the implant to fracture, loosening the attachment screw, or even fracture the crown of your implant. Often we will recommend a protecting splint to reduce the risk of this happening.
Other factors can potentially cause failure due to your medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, weak immune system, bleeding disorders etc. So it’s very important to keep us up to date with your medical health.
To get the most from your All On 4 Plus® investment, ongoing maintenance is the key. After your procedure, you will be given after care instructions by your dentist, but in general, brush at least twice daily and floss according to your dentist’s instructions to clean under your prosthesis. Also, professional cleanings with us will help your All On 4 Plus® implants last as long as possible by ensuring plaque and debris are cleaned away.

Our dentists and technicians here at Dental House have a lot of experience with All On 4 Plus® dental implants and can guide you with your after care to ensure they last a long time. But we will also do a full screening to make sure you are a good candidate before you get implants, which is one of the best ways to prevent future problems. Our goal is to see that all of our patients are well cared for before, during and after treatment.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the warranty on All On 4 Plus®.
If you have a lot of missing or damaged teeth, and want to regain your healthy happy smile, we would love to help. Here at Dental House, we offer full sleep dentistry together with your All On 4 Plus® treatment, so when you wake up, all the major work is done, and you can regain your smile again.

Simply give us a call on 1800GENTLE, DM us in social media, or complete the form on our website, and we will help you organise a complimentary All On 4 Plus® consultation. Bye for now.


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