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What is Purple Tea?

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What is Purple Tea?

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What Is Purple Tea?

We all know about black tea, white and green tea. But have you ever heard of Purple Tea? Purple Tea is a new crossbred version of the common tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. Specially formulated to increase special compounds to increase health benefits.

Grown only in the rich volcanic soil found in Kenyan, Purple tea has become a powerful ally to promote health and wellbeing. Purple tea grows at elevations of 4,500 and 7,500 feet. This high altitude increases the UV bombardment on the plant and increases the antioxidants to protect the leaves from these high levels of UV. The purple colour comes from a phenolic called anthocyanin which has a purple colour. This is the same antioxidant that makes blueberries, blackberries, eggplants and grapes have their purple colour. Purple tea has the highest level of anthocyanin at 1.5 per cent compared to blueberries which only have .1 per cent.

Helping to prevent cardiovascular disease is just one of the health benefits of anthocyanin. They also help with anti-ageing, anti-cancer, improved vision, and aids in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar. Purple tea is also lower in caffeine than green or black tea.

We all know about the power of catechin in green tea, especially EGCG. Well, purple tea also has this powerful antioxidant as well. Catechins can permeate the blood-brain barrier which increases the brain antioxidant capacity providing health to the brain.

But that is not all…

Purple tea has a unique weapon in the fight against obesity. A polyphenol called GHG. GHG helps to break down fat and increase lean body mass.

As one of the leading tea growers, Kenya’s tea crop is their #1 cash crop. In recent years, tea prices have fallen and Kenya has begun to look at a more diversified crop. They took a gamble on a new crossbreed of tea and that gamble has now paid off. After 25 years of development, Kenya now has a new tea to share with the world.

Our Purple Tea Skincare and Supplements are extracted from the purple tea plant and share the benefits that this powerful plant offers.

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