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What Is The Cost Of All-On-4?
What Is The Cost Of All-On-4?

Hi, my name is Dr Fong. I’m the principal dentist of Dental House Group. This morning I was chatting with Tiffany from Diggers Rest, who is exploring the All-On-4 treatment to replace her dentures, and we were discussing the cost involved. There were a few things I mentioned that she wasn’t aware of, so I thought I will make a video sharing with you what I shared with her, just in case you are also thinking about All-On-4.

For those who don’t know, All-On-4 is a type of dental treatment whereby we place dental implants in your mouth and give you the final teeth all in a matter of days. Sometimes you may even be able to get your teeth on the day of the procedure. It’s a lot quicker than the traditional method of placing implants and leaving it inside the bone to heal for three to six months before the final prosthesis is made.

For those who are suitable for this particular type of treatment, there are a few variables that you’ll need to consider that determines the cost for this procedure. First of all, sometimes dentists may use more than four implants. So, if the quality of your bone is not as good, sometimes you’ll need five implants or six implants instead of four implants to support all of your teeth. And if you have more implants, then the cost will also increase.

The second factor to consider is there are clinics that give you the final teeth on the day, and that set of teeth is actually your permanent teeth. Whereas at some other dental clinics, even though you get a set of teeth on the day, because your soft tissues will change over time, in a matter of three to six months, they will make a second set of permanent teeth that is better adapted to your soft tissues. It’s also a chance to modify any changes so that the final prosthesis is stronger and better. So if you have two sets of prosthesis that is included in the procedure, then the cost will be higher as well.
Thirdly, All-On-4 is a technique, there are different brands of implants that dentists may use and slightly different protocols and different materials and that can also contribute to the variation in the prices as well. So, if you are looking for this type of treatment, it’s important to consider these factors because not all treatment is exactly the same.

Generally speaking, for All-On-4 implant treatment, you are looking at a range between twenty to thirty-five k for a full arch, depending on what’s required and the factors I have mentioned.

I hope this video has given you more insights on the different factors that impact the price of an All-On-4 treatment. So if you are considering replacing your denture with All-On-4, we would love to help. Here at Dental House, we have helped many patients enjoy a more comfortable and better quality of life with this incredible procedure, so we can definitely help you. Simply give us a call on 1800GENTLE, direct message us on social media, or complete the form on our website. See you in the next video.

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Great dental practice! Fong is a very experienced dentist acquiring all my dental needs and the nurse Emily helped my dentist experience a comfortable one. Highly recommend them.

Michael D.

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Great dental practice! Fong is a very experienced dentist acquiring all my dental needs and the nurse Emily helped my dentist experience a comfortable one. Highly recommend them.

Michael D.

After hearing numerous excellent reports about this clinic, I decided to visit myself. I must say that it was a fantastic experience, even better than I expected! The clinic is bright and modern, the receptionists and nurses are friendly and help to put you at ease. The dentist is gentle, knowledgeable and explains everything so thoroughly!

I highly recommend this clinic!

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